Puffco Peak Pro Review-6 Reasons to Fall in LOVE with Pro!

After all these years of experimentation and testing with the different parts of their products, it seems like Puffco has reached the new height of innovation with their brand new Puffco Peak Pro! And we, at Haze Smoke Shop, finally got the chance to look at this latest addition to the family! It seems quite similar to the previous version at first sight. BUT why is it LOVED better than other devices in the market?

Puffco Peak Pro - Haze Smoke Shop USA
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To be precise, the latest Puffco Pro offers internal changes and aesthetic changes! Let’s dive in & find out more in detail!

Using the Puffco Peak Pro – Easy & Convenient

Like any other device, experts recommend charging the Puffco Peak Pro before you start using it. The next step is the loading of wax into the atomizer. Hold down the power button and press it to turn on the device. Another press on the power button will help the user switch between the settings. This particular device will heat up and vibrate once it reaches specific heat settings. The user can now inhale and enjoy!

Quality of vapor – How Hard do the Puffco Peak Pro hit?

The vapor quality for the Puffco Peak pro is EXCELLENT! The device’s atomizer can handle 40% more concentrate than the predecessor, Peak. The original Peak showed problems with a large amount of load. But the Pro has solved all these problems with a large atomizer. The carb cap now has a directional airflow that makes the vapors more distributed, allowing the even distribution of heat.

As far as the ranking is concerned, the Peak Pro comes in the top category, e-rig. The vapors at the lowest temperature produce flavorful and smooth clouds, while at the higher temperature, the clouds get a little harsh and intense, but the use of water filtration makes sure the vapors remain tasty.

Temperature Settings-Compatibility with an App!

The Puffco Peak Pro features four temperature settings. The lowest one reflects the blue color and is 492 degrees Fahrenheit; the next is the middle, which is green at 510 degrees Fahrenheit, followed by red at 530 degrees Fahrenheit and last reflects white at 545 degrees Fahrenheit. The Peak Pro app also comes with settings that allow users to customize the user’s temperature settings choice.

Puffco Peak Pro Battery Life- How much Better than Original Peak?

The Peak Pro lasts about 30 sessions before you need to recharge it. Also, the company has addressed the central issue of the original peak, micro USB charging. The micro-USB charging cable recharges the device in 2 hours, allowing users to charge the device and enjoy vaping quickly!

Manufacturing Quality- A Real Upgrade

The Puffco Peak products were considered to one of the most stylish and best-manufactured devices when it initially came out, but it has been three years to them in the world of e-rig. However, the Puffco Peak pro has addressed all the shortcomings in the predecessor and has now delivered a high-quality product worth the price tag it comes with!

The device has a matte finish that makes it look slicker. The device doesn’t hold the fingerprint, which is an excellent update! The glass it offers is more tapered and is a little longer than the previous model that doesn’t splash the water back into the mouth, making it a better option than the original Peak. As I mentioned before, the atomizer is 40% larger, which can handle more concentrate than before. Additionally, it comes with an oculus carb cap, an update in this device that allows users to watch wax swirl around in the atomizer before inhaling!

Portability – Is it Portable?

The device is completely portable. The device is as portable as any other e-rig of this category. Also, taking it from place to place shouldn’t be a problem for the user as the carrying case is modified for the better. The case comes with magnets that allow users to open or close it, and it looks better than the original Peak case.

Puffco Peak Pro - Haze Smoke Shop USA
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Bottom Line

The Puffco Peak Pro is an excellent device that counts as one of the best in the world of the e-rigs. Puffco has made the expected changes in the latest upgrade, and it is nearly hard to deny that they now sit at the top of the category. It offers USB- charging, a new mobile app, a new carb cab, and along with better design, there is a lot more to like about this device. Check out the Haze Smoke Shop today and get yours!